The How’s and the Why’s Explained!

before and afterI heard John Paul Jackson speak about not making ‘coach for a day’ in high school!  When he spoke about the coach’s reason for not picking him I started to cry!  His coach told him that although he was the star player; he didn’t KNOW HOW he did what he did.  That’s been on my heart for quite a while as well!

Pray is no secret or mystery!  It’s not for a select few; nor is it required that you go to another to pray for you!  YES we are told to go to the elders if we have a need; but corporate is another matter all together!  It truly breaks my heart seeing that His people ARE PERISHING FOR LACK OF KNOWING/KNOWLEDGE, when in reality it is so very easy to pray and get results!  Not always the results  you think you should get; but definitely HIS result; and that’s always better in the end anyway!

As J.P.J. began to peak of talking with Abba and sharing the desire to know how he was doing what he was doing; my heart began to ache and cry!  I don’t see myself as knowing anything very special and I’m not hiding a secret thing!  It actually very easy, but it takes lots of practice and letting go of you! You see I’d begun asking the very same thing; if You show me exactly HOW I do what I do; I WILL begin to teach everyone who will listen!  It’s been an insanely trying time these last few months; but I think the refresher course has helped me understand me quite a bit better!!

So anywho; that’s what I’m gonna do on this blog page; YHVH willing!  I want it to be a logical, practical understanding that can be worked with and presented before the King for refining!  I want to see more people of the Master rise in power and authority!  We need more workers and those workers need to have some tools replaced and some weapons sharpened indeed! 🙂