mikvah The mikvah (water immersion) was commanded at Sinia before the Torah was given! It is a picture of being restored into a clean state!

Just as our prayers rise as incense our stench from being unclean rises as well and the enemy can smell it and hone in!  It makes the attacks worse!

There are MANY WAYS to mikvah! You can do it the Jewish way (HAHAHAHAHA good luck finding one that will accept you) or you can do it the red neck way that my rabbi taught me!

So you wanna know how to do a mikvah?

The thing is running water if you can get it! Running water is living water and Yeshua is the Living Water so pretty cool picture!  Shower, faucet, or sink they all have one thing in common; running water!  I’ve known a few who carried water bottles with them, and I have asked for help when I had neither!

So when the attacks got bad I was told to do this:

Dunk 3 times!

(shower running water is living water so again, a picture of Him)

1- go in face first and confess the issue

(hard-hearted toward sis was mine)

2 – go back in and ask to restored into life

3- go back in again and thank Him for restoring you!


1- same as above but with your hands!

This works to in a pinch as they are a picture of your work for Him!

If you can do your feet (a picture of your walk with Him) all the better; but YHVH is an AMAZING Master who overcomes ALL so He can handle that part well IMHO!