When I’m interceding for someone I ask for what He wants prayed over  the issue I’ve been made aware of and the person asking.

Usually have to take a bit of time and meditate while playing the situation over in my mind.

When I first came into this walk I studied the Torah voraciously! Clipboard03awhite I still do.  I have this funny
ability to retain the verses that are important to me!  Most of the time it’s because; in His mercy; He’s allowed me to go through a similar something RIGHT before I’m asked to pray.  Kinda has a way of making it personal for me!

After over a decade of asking His will over my prayers the verses simply come to mind for me.  For others it is not so!  I recommend asking Him then writing them down EVERYWHERE; until you memorize them!  I still use the ol’ Christian trick of I’m gonna open the Book and which ever pops at me is it God!  It works stunningly well if I’m completely stumped!

  • Some of the most powerful prayers I pray are given to me by Him and consist of a ‘woven together’ verses!  I will attempt to ‘scribe’ them as I’m asked and as He gives me.  With verses of course; but as I’m human; I might forget one or two!
  • I have two different techniques.  One for handling self-care and one for requested prayer!  I’ll try to remember to write down both!

Just making a comment will make me aware if I forget!  Then I will edit as soon as I possibly can!

Tapestry #1 Invasive Thoughts

Tapestry #2 Daily Declaration

Tapestry #3 Prayer for Loved Ones

2 thoughts on “Tapestries

  1. Shelly,you are a inspiration to me! I am still learning in all corners here! And I thank Abba that he brought us together. I honored to have you as a friend on facebook and in spirit! Love you girl!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OMGOSH that was a convo stopper! I stopped mid sentence when I saw your comment! I love you tons to my dear! ❤


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