Who ME! ?


My name is ShelleyRay.


I am a former stay at home mom who home schooled her teen kids! Now I am enjoying being retired from teens and day care kids!  The silence is wonderful, though it can be lonely at times after a house so full of activity!

I’ve been married to the love of my life for 23 years; though at times; we weren’t each other’s favorite person! What makes me uniquely me? Keep reading!

It is said that before the foundation of the world He knew you and I! Truly this is true! For only He could make someone as quirky as me! How am I quirky? Well… I am a synesthesia-ist with ADHD, and dyslexia! Spice that up with a touch of OCD and eccentricity and you have silly little ol’ ME!

How does it work? I tell people that I run backwards at high speed in technicolor! My brain is almost always on!

How does it feel? Well a bit like that down there!

There are other differences as well! Let me give you a few examples!

If  I say Bible:

What I see


What you see

If I say Torah:

What you see
What I see





With humans it works a bit differently! It’s more of a sensing where the

aura framed
heart and spirit are at!


The younger you are the brighter! Kids are great as they are fresh and new! Even if there has been damage done; or breaches caused; there are ALWAYS bright flashes of emotion that speak of the heart!


aura darkened2

If there is deception or an agenda; even if the person doesn’t know it; I sense it as a ‘darkness’ of spirit so to say.


aura bright2Some times; Abba willing; I will get a very INTENSE shot of emotion out of an adult! Almost like an excited utterance on a spirit level; like a surge through electric wires! It helps find  the weak spots in our walls;  and at times repair them!


I also smell colors and ‘see’ music! Being me used to be the bane of my existence! I was teased for being different and told I should conform! Well just like standing on your lawn and commanding your house to rewire its self aint gonna work; I never was able to re-wire my brain! Now that I’ve hit 40 something, I no longer care! It is an amazing strength and I couldn’t live without it! Okay I COULD live without it; but I don’t want to! I’ve even gotten to the point that I’ve told several people that I’m sorry they don’t have what I have! It makes life interesting!

6 thoughts on “Who ME! ?

    1. lol agreed completely! I hit on y our blog because I intend to use an image that is also in your post in a new post I am working on right now! Because your post talks in detail about a point I am making I intend to link the picture to your post! You say it so much better than I!

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