Once upon a time, long long ago,… I had two friends…


Once upon a time,
long long ago,
in a place far far away,
I had two friends.
One Vietnamese,
One Cambodian,
who walked through the Killing Fields as children to escape and come to America!

Being girl friends we shared and chatted! In THIRTY YEARS I have never forgotten those stories. The cruelty they knew at such a young age scared my soul and drew blood! Since then other stories have added to my chest of pain!

I am blessed to have had friends of every creed and color and they enrich my world!

I am blessed to be Richard William Yerbury’s grand daughter! He was a genius ya know! Kinda runs in the family! 😉
Any who he schooled his oldest grand child on all these men and these subjects! Looking back I NOW understand why I DETESTED history in school! They just never taught it like gr’pa did! I can still hear him saying learn well {private nickname that I will NOT allow to be used anymore}.

I am blessed to have his daughter as my mother! She taught us girls ZEALOUSLY not to see color or handicap! The apple truly did not fall far from the tree!

The most amazing mom on this planet!

I am blessed that He allowed me to keep those memories even though it ensures that reading an article like this will bring tears and rage! My ‘chest of pain’ is mine.

It keeps me connected with compassion and love for others.
It keeps me fully alive in all its dynamic colors and flavors!
It keeps me angry over horse }BEEEEP{ like this and wanting to change it!
It keeps me motivated to give others joy in abundance!