Tzedakah, Justice calls out to you… #2

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So why is Justice calling your name?

There are a million verses {I might be exaggerating a bit here, but I don’t think so.} that speak of who we are to Him; both corporately, and as individuals; and what inheritance is due!  Yes, Justice is included in that inheritance!  You could spend an eternity studying and picking it apart; but do you have the courage to read those verses as a child? Can you leave your jaded {adult} heart behind?  That is a CRITICAL question now isn’t it?! It is said to NOT lean on our own {way} of understanding {thinking} of things; but to instead lean on His understanding.  To do this we ABSOLUTELY MUST understand that He is more than we can conceive; let alone understand!  Able to do ANYTHING!  He need only flick an eyelash and it is done as He instructed! Nothing stands in His way!  No one thwarts Him!  That means not even YOU or ME!

Justice; true justice, or Tzedakah; works like a scale!  However many times in life; due to past misses/sins/offenses; our scales are horribly out of balance!
Boy does the enemy love using that one to his advantage!  Come on!  You know what I’m talking about!  That little voice that whispers in your ear speaking lies; telling you how worthless and horrible you are!  Pouring rejection into your mind and soul; ‘Your mom and dad didn’t want you. You couldn’t be good enough to make them love you, could you?  You can’t be good enough for Him to love you either.  Just give up’; they breathe into your ear relentlessly!

Did you realize that we have the power through Yeshua/Jesus to tell those lying spirits to leave us alone!  Doing so consistently will eventually begin to tip the scale in God’s favor; which is in YOUR favor!!!  You see He wants to RE-write your OPINION of Him; and what He can and WILL DO for His chosen ones!  That means Justice for US is DUE!  We need only ask for it and be willing to hear/shema His answer/instructions on how to remove the things in our lives that are standing in our way!  Sometimes it’s habit, sometimes strongholds within us, and sometimes it’s one of the dark side’s minions! He has the ability to unravel the mystery of what is holding you captive!  You need only hear with the intent of doing something about it!  Sound hard?  Guess what!  It’s not!  He’s got the steps of this waltz already scripted out for you and me!

The Meaning of the Word “Tzedakah”

… The word “tzedakah” is derived from the Hebrew root Tzadei-Dalet-Qof, meaning righteousness, justice or fairness. In Judaism, giving to the poor is not viewed as a generous, magnanimous act; it is simply an act of justicand righteousnessthe performance of a duty, giving the poor their due.       {Emphasis mine}

Judaism 101

Often personal shame causes us to cringe; preventing us from facing Him, let alone asking for His judgment on a matter!  This is where KNOWING what He says about you begins to come into play!  Just like Adam and Havah/Eve; not understanding how deep the mercies of YHVH are; our guilt makes us hide from Him!  This usually causes the problem to get much worse as it gives the enemy a foothold to accuse us from!  He then uses our guilt and shame to drive a wedge between God and us; with the ultimate goal of removing an opposing player from the board!   The longer we allow ourselves to hide from His mercy the stronger the shackles become!  It may be our reality, but it’s not truth.

How does hasatan pull these masterful moves off?  Why by telling half-truths like he did with Eve!  You see when you and I were very young things happened!  I mean who’d a thunk it; but our parents were human!  I know right!  Hard to imagine such a thing!  Each member of you family has been given some baggage to carry!  After awhile it starts to get heavy so they pass it on!  Generational curses get passed along cuz misery loves company don’t cha know!!!  One of the packages in that baggage is rejection; or rather the fear of rejection; to clarify things!

The Master of Everything however is not man that He would lie.  He states that when man rejects us He will take us. When we get scared and want to bolt; He steadies us with comforting things; as He gently rears His children to do His will.  We are told to boldly enter and reason with Him knowing all will be forgotten.  REMEMBER He made you and me? He more than knew what He was getting with us; He crafted us to be what and where we are today!  Of course there’s some dross in there; but He is the Master Silver Smith after all!  I think He may have that angle covered as well!   This is all for our good; so He can draw us closer to Him; our Source.

God is the God of Justice.  There is no injustice in Him what so ever at all.  J. P. Jackson

The closer we allow His to draw us the more access we have to the settlement owed us.  Settlement you ask!  Yeah, settlement for all of your pain and suffering at hasatan’s hands!  There is a HUGE lock on the treasure chest however.  It has a key; but you have to do something with that key.  Something like pick it up, insert it in the lock, and turn to the right!  Just like a key in a lock; we must activate this key in our lives; nothing happens without it.

The closer we allow His to draw us the more access we have to the settlement owed us.  Settlement you ask!  Yeah, settlement for all of your pain and suffering at hasatan’s hands!  There is a HUGE lock on the treasure chest however.  It has a key; but you have to do something with that key.  Something like pick it up, insert it in the lock, and turn to the right!  Just like a key in a lock; we must activate this key in our lives; nothing happens without it.

  1. We have to pick up and examine our hurts and those who imposed them on us.
  2. We have to reason with Abba and hand it to Him.
  3. We have to allow Him to teach us how to turn the key, and open our hearts so the treasure inside can be seen!key2

Make no mistake; it’s gonna hurt!  That lock is rusty and frozen shut!  He may have to bang it or heat it to get it open; but if you trust Him even with your mistrust of Him; heWILL get it open!  When He does it’s gonna hurt some more as He polishes you up and shapes you!

Forgiveness is the key that opens the heart to receive the treasures of the settlement that YHVH has waiting for you!  Being that we are stubborn; He has to bang us around a bit in life to show us where the keyhole is!  After that He has to instruct us in how to us the key He’s given us.  Being able to release the pain turns the key and for every one of us it is different!  That’s where relationship comes into play!  Then comes shaping and polishing the gem that you and I are.

For me I find that the intimate knowledge of why I do what I do enables me to stop doing it!  As I examine it and turn it over in my hands I ask Him to explain my heart to me and help me let go of what keeps Him away!  The more I turn it over the cleaner it gets. The cleaner it gets, the more I want to share it with others.

Let me tell you of something that happened a few weeks ago.  My daughter and I got into a physical fight. It was horrible and we both said rotten things to each other on top of coming out bruised and scratched!  During the fight my oldest son and youngest son’s lady stepped in and broke it up.  I reacted badly no matter how you add up the rights and the wrongs of the matter!  After a few days I went to Abba and asked for help.  Funny thing about hidden agendas; ya usually got to ask His to expose them!  Of course I asked for forgiveness and He began chains2to explain the hidden things of my heart to me so I could deal with them!

I wasn’t on Face Book much while Abba was explaining things to me as it was very emotionally taxing and I had nothing nice to say.  To be made ever so much more entertaining by my mother starting to call me incessantly.  Not good at all; but I was right in the middle of being grateful for my guinea’s life; so I was open to whatever He said to do!

He had me speak at length to my daughter about what had happened and ask her forgiveness for my part!  In the end I had to take it to a level that stunned her.  Dad and I had been guilty of bad behavior while raising her and could expect no less from her!  It was then that He began to explain my agenda to me. This was so I could explain her agenda to her. It was so I could understand mom’s desperation and fear and shut it down!  It was so the seed within could be encouraged to sprout despite her fear!

How can I not forgive them when I am also guilty?  No matter how deep the rabbit hole goes; I am guilty too; so I cast no stone!  I plead for my girl’s forgiveness.  That was as hard as plucking eye teeth from a chicken; so I will not make momma plead with me!

In the end I am amused and satisfied by my King.  Satisfied because I am red or blue pill2aallowed special moments with the ones I love that most pass on.  Satisfied because I; as the former black sheep who’d never know anything; am being used to expose the agendas of hasatan to my family and hopefully you as well!  Amused because shalom has reentered my home and my kids crack me up when they are just being themselves!  I love my life and I hope you love your life too!

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  1. Thanks for another great write! You have such a way of putting stuff out there ~ so easy to understand. The enemy loves making us feel guilty but I double love putting him behind me and leaning on my Father’s love! Thanks for the reminders…..

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