Mikvah? Baptism? Purity? Didn’t Jesus handle all of that?


Well didn’t He? Or are they still relevant now?  Could they even be CRITICAL in breaking generational curses?  I’m gonna once again quote a dear friend of mine before I start writing this!

A long time ago some very ugly stuff happened between my family members and me!  Frankly it was because I’d become a Hebrew and they (sister and mom) didn’t like it so much!  They started a whole bunch of trouble!  (To give you an example; she feed my kids pork.  Told them it was Turkey Ham. Then laughed at them while she told them the truth about what it was!  Of course they’d finished eating by that time!  Can we say BAD FEELINGS?)  It all culminated in my children being in foster care for a small amount of time!  I learned a lot in that time and when they came home I struggled to use it!

One of the first things Abba taught me was that the mind is hasatan’s battlefield!  That’s what Rav Shaul (The Apostle Paul) meant when he said take every thought captive and we weren’t guilty until we acted on the thought!  Well if you’ve ever studied war; (hubby’s a combat vet!) you know that the enemy uses varied tactics!  Sometimes in waves and sometimes in blitzes!  He definitely does not make it easy!  I also have this thing where there are usually 4-5 different tracks of thought (like an old record even) going on at all times!  Most I’m not even aware of most of the time!  That makes life fun!

Any who!  One day I was having a horrible time with all of it!  The kids were acting rotten, my sister was still being a fart, my husband and I were fighting; it just went on and on!  I called Rabbi Land and asked him.  I remember him chuckling at me and telling me that they could sense they were winning and that way why the fight was getting more intense! Well that completely stumped me so I asked how!

Just as our prayers rise like incense; so does oustench. We stink spiritually when we sin. He can smelldo you think they cant? I recommend you mikvaShelley. James Land

Therein lays an issue!  Is there a single ‘kosher’ mikvah anywhere that would accept me w/o converting, denying Yeshua, and insisting I follow Noahide laws?  Simply not acceptable as far as I was and am concerned!  Well Rabbi land had unique take on how to handle that problem and the fellowship at Brit-Ami had an amazing discussion on it!  Since we also had a few Jewish brothers; one of whom was/is a Cohen; there were some VERY creative ideas presented!   He reminded me of that during our chat!


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