The Cold and Broken Hallelujah

Most people don’t ask why repentance why repentance needs to be broken!  It’s taught quite extensively in the N.T. and most have learned about it since they were in short pants!  It stands to reason that in that repentance there must also be a hallelujah, as we are to praise Him in all things!  I wonder however; how many people apply cold to the word hallelujah!

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It is a cold place however!  Cold, dark, and lonely.  The length of the tunnel however is up to us!  Would you be surprised if I told you that in many ways we control how long and how intense the breaking must be before it begins to open?  I was!  Being from a family with Catholic roots, I was stunned!  I had no idea in how many ways I’d been indoctrinated, this was an area in which it was profound!  I have never figured out WHY Catholics seem to have a ‘I must suffer for forgiveness’ thing going on!  I’m not even sure it’s just a catholic thing any more as so many seem to share the same thought process!  In this season of my world; I think I would say it comes more from our puritan beginnings!  Take that sucker back to the root and you still have Catholic now don’t cha?!   😉

So if He’s not requiring penance, just repentance how can a praise offered to Him be cold?  Well disobedience causes a separation between He and us; and that separation is cold after having bathed in His goodness!  He lovingly tells us where we are causing a distance and we OFTEN react like Adam and Eve!  We run and hide in shame!  We get this grandiose idea of who we are.  Finding out that our best efforts to be righteous is indeed filthy with out to Him; tends to shock us to our very core; but that’s where He wants to be; at our very core!

The way to control how long and violent the breaking of the vessels that are us is to not fight the process!  Not the world’s process; but His; and that can be challenging after so much world!  When we were young we were fearless.  Not so much after growing up though eh?  It’s needed though; that heart and trust of a child! What is His process?  To point out where OUR reasonings are exalting themselves against His knowledge!

2Co 10:5 overthrowing reasonings and every high matter that exalts itself against the knowledge of Elohim, taking captive every thought to make it obedient to the Messiah,

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 Word Studies:     Reasonings     High Matter     Knowledge     Captive     Thought     Summary

 The saddest part is that we begin to identify with what is keeping us from Him!  It’s like a mantle that we don’t want to share!  It reminds me of my sister J.’s woobie!  Mom TRIED to wash and dry it when she was napping, but it didn’t always work!  I remember J. standing in front of the dryer and crying for her Ne-a-POOH!  That blanket finally bout darn near drove us nuts, but it made her feel safe!  As I’ve walked with Him, He’s allowed me to keep none of them!  In the end they tie us down in helplessness and despair.  They strip us bare and  steal hope, strength, and power!  Thus putting Him in a box of our own making; and in essence; tying THE MASTER’S HANDS!  When He doesn’t live up to our expectations we hide and satan starts to whisper in our ears! But then again the enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy doesn’t he?  We can expect that when God sows the seed, the dark one will send his minions to attempt to eat it up!  Usually by; well add what ever is going on in your life!  Our pain and misery crowds Him out and we cease to Shema [listen with the intent of doing}!

Oh it is a lonely, dark place; but it is also a precious place to be!  To be stripped bare of every thing earthly that comforts us!  Our chosen lovers have been 1bdriven away by His great mercy and love in an attempt to get our attention!  It is at these times of misery we must begin to eat from HIS TABLE AND not ours!  I remember once; my husband had started a horrible fight first thing in the morning.  I mean 12 minutes out of bed.  He left for work after saying some horrible things that left me sobbing!  As I sat in the bathroom pouring my heart out to Him there were no words flooding into my brain.  No angelic host I could feel.  No comforter coming to find me and hold me!  Just me, the toilet, and a closed-door!  Oh and some running water so my kids couldn’t hear me cry!

“You said I am Cheptsibah, Your delight.  You said that I would never be alone again, but LOOK!  No one is here and I AM crying!  PLEASE FATHER!!  I don’t want to be here any more!” 😦

I get this choice twice a year, Sukkot {Feast of Tabernacles} and Pesach {Passover}/Shavuot.  The choice to turn like they did at the golden calf.  To say the Torah is nonsense and He’s a liar!  Now that may sound harsh; but our sins {lovers} revisit us and attempt to entice us once more; so they may stand before the Holy one and accuse us again!  I AM more stubborn than a diamond is hard, worse even than Pharaoh, Abba told me that once.  I’ve never forgotten it!

Now let us speak of the other side of that particular coin!  In the midst of our agony is INSTINCTUAL to react in a primal sort of way!  We must not react like children and strike back at Daddy cuz He said no more ice cream, so to say!  We must stop and remember what He’s has done for us, for He is not a man that He would lie to us!  Our human dads and moms may have {santa, easter bunny, that kind of stuff}, but He never will!  Oh but our primal side wants to strike out because it has been struck, and it CAN if it’s done correctly!

How sweet is He to know that we will gift1need a release and to PROVIDE IT for us! No man can worship two masters for he will love one and hate the other!  So while we may wish to nurse our boo boo’s, it is better to kiss the son than lick hasatan’s hand!  Consider the following verse please!

We’ve run through a few of them in the last several posts; but bear with me please!  Review helps us retain, and retention is the name of this game!  So come and let us sharpen our swords that we may give the enemy a very hard time in this season!


 Word study: given {G1325}  – belief/faith

What a precious gift indeed!  Satan asks permission from the Living One to strike AT us and He; knowing we WILL succeed; says go ahead!  All so He can say:

“Have you noticed my servant {your name}? He/She is the finest man/woman in all the earth. He/She is blameless–a man/woman of complete integrity. He/She fears God and stays away from evil.” Job 1:8

So let me rephrase Gal. 3:22.


There it is!  The kosher way to blow off some steam, and hurt feelings, and anything else He says ‘feel it so you can let go of it’ about!  These times of sorrow are NOT to reach HIM!  They are to reach YOU!  They are to teach you to empty yourself of everything, and to trust YOURSELF enough to speak HIS WORDS OVER your life, NOT your own words which will bring a curse!  It’s our faulty thinking that most often gets us into these frozen spaces!  That faulty thinking has served to help our enemy hasatan {the adversary} to scatter our power; gifted to us by Elohim Shomri; to CONQUER and VANQUISH our enemy!  YES!  I picked those words specifically so check out the meanings!

So again; what a gift this is; especially when it’s used properly!  How do you use it properly?  I am so glad you asked!

By emptying yourself of everything you know and simply TRUSTING Him; based on everything He’s already done for you!  David strengthened himself in God before he inquired of Him!  We should do the same when we enter the storms and valleys as well!  No warrior enters the fight with out putting on his armor, and we HAVE TO put ours on too!  you do this by making declarative sentences while putting the armor on!  You have to speak to you and tell your spirit to calm down!

The TRUTH is buckled around my waist!  I am FREE though Messiah. It does not matter how I feel about it!  If I feel differently I am exalting me over Him!  I will not! I AM FREE IN MESSIAH!

The BREASTPLATE protects me from all harm the adversary {hasatan} would inflict in my heart!!  I AM SAFE WITH HIM!

My SHOES walk in His ways and His Torah and I am prepared with His words, not my own!  With His Word I WILL TRAMPLE ALL the artful, cunning, malicious {serpent} stinging things {scorpions} that are sent against me; bringing shalom {peace} with me!

My SHIELD {trust in Him} QUENCHES all the fiery darts {lies & misconceptions} the enemy is attempting to use against me!

My SWORD; forged in His TRUTH; cuts through lies hasatan’s plans are founded on!  I WILL SPEAK HIS TRUTH even now [in my time of pain/sorrow {will you?}]!

If you made it this far you are ready changing the air around you with His Words by speaking them out loud!  Like I’ve said; this sets it in our minds AND lets everyone within ear shot know where you stand!  When the strength to trust is mustered in broken times it is indeed sweet to out King, and He does not delay in answering our cries!  He’s trying to get us to the point we can honestly say, ‘though He slay me, still I will trust Him.’  This is the place where miracles happen!

This isn’t fairy tale land, complete with harps and an angelic hallelujah choir!  This is you; in the pit; and the lions are licking their chops at the idea of you as dinner!  It’s cold, it’s hot!  Is desperately alone and completely broken and undone. It’s your very spirit and it’s relationship with the Living God who is in control of everything!  So simply trust!  Are you asking how?  OKAY, well let’s conclude that little prayer of mine up there!

“You said I am Cheptsibah, Your delight.  You said that I would never be alone again, but LOOK!  No one is here and I AM crying!  PLEASE FATHER!!  I don’t want to be here any more!” 😦

You also say that You collect my tears in Your bottle so there MUST be many messengers here right now collecting them.  So tell me Father.  Do You put them in colored glass so they are pretty when You shine on them? That would be sweet!” 🙂

That simple statement of faith started the ball rolling so to say.  If I’d known this was the same as smacking the enemy in the face; I’d have added more!  If I’d known then what I know now I also would have added this!

jpj prayer

So take my words and J.P.J.’S words and present them before your King and ask what He would have you pray over your circumstances right now!  He will answer you.  All of this is what the Scriptures say about YOU!

Childlike sorrow makes valiant warriors.
Childlike sorrow makes to valiant warriors.

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