My thoughts on energy and prayer

Matthew 11:12  And from the days of John the Baptizer, until now, the kingdom of heaven is assailed by force, and the violent seize it.

James Murdock New Testament

The definitions are fairly lengthy so I’m gonna string together the relevant parts!   Hopefully; it will enable you to ‘walk through my brain’ for a bit~!  As I was growing up I was BLESSED to be what we call today a ‘beta’ tester~!  ORIGINALLY free school lunches were AWESOME!  One of the best parts of living in North Las Vegas ‘Nigger town‘ {I’m not black guys!  I did NOT name it!} for sure!  One of the projects they tested was special ed for the gifted kids!  After all what do ya do with a 2nd GRADER when they are scoring 2nd year COLLEGE!  That means there were PLENTY of PSYCHOLOGISTS around to help me turn the ‘picture bubbles’ in my head into WORDS!  That’s right I think in PICTURES, even words come in pictures of groups of words!  Sometimes I have an issue making my tongue to ‘frame’ the words in a manner others can understand!  On top of that; metaphors help you hide yourself!   People have to dig for the answers!  This ISN’T an issue in my relationship with The Father as He most often uses metaphorical images to speak to me!  Our own private prayer language that really DOESN’T HAVE TO BE all that private!  This isn’t rocket science after all!

There ARE a set of steps I take when looking into a verse’s, or more specifically, when I look into the definitions of the words in the verse!  The first is I fire up my old E-Sword complete with all its translations (FREE) and a Word doc.; that way I can ‘see’ all of the info on one page!

So it’s time to take a walk through my mind; if you will!

Come let’s explore a verse together, you and I!

Twill be a grand adventure, I promise!



I’ll attempt to point out the vital words!  Hopefully I will be able to show you how I present everything before Him for Him to re-word in my head!  There really is a lot of interaction in these steps!  I consider it vital to speak with Him about HIS Words and ask HIS opinion on those words!  I find that the Ol’ Christian trick of make the important words stand out/up to me works STUNNINGLY well!  You would be shocked at the amount of gleaning in every word study I’ve ever done!!  



Click on the images
to see the large view




Now let’s go back to the original verse and re-phrase it with all the definitions
added into it!


Let’s use Different Words.

All of that to get to that one little sentence up there!  Pretty KraZy huh?  Just Mi Vida Loca! 😉

The truth is; I often sit baffled as to why people fight over silly stuff like this; then I remember not all humans see words as pictures like me!  Hebrew; being a picture language; is incredibly hard to translate into a linear language like English!  Hebrew prefers circles, and Greek prefers lines!

So what is energetic prayer?  Did I tell you that my grandfather was an electrical engineer for the government?  Energy was a hot topic at gr’pa & gr’ma’s table!  Well the general areas of electricity; not the parts he couldn’t talk about!  The topics that energy touched on were infinite and detailed at gr’pa’s!  I truly miss those conversations with him!  One of the areas his daughter; my aunty B.; was able to expand on was thoughts are a powerful energy!  She came from a Buddhist/atheist standpoint; but for everything satan has counterfeited there is a bible based, scientifically proven tool we are missing!  This would be one of those times!

So in another post I spoke of OCD and walking with Him!  In that blog I spoke of knowing who you are to Him personally and how important it is to our walks!  It’s VITAL knowledge that sustains life here too!  The Cherokee have a parable about Two Wolves!  Abba seems to prefer trees and I have heard that there is an old Jewish fable about two trees!  Since mustard seeds are mentioned by Messiah it seems fitting to quote J.P.J.

God has planted the seed of His Spirit inside you; and every time you agree with Him about who you are you are; that seed is fertilized, and watered.  The harvest field of your life will spring forth; and in the right season; and in the right way it WILL happen.  Whatever you need to accomplish God’s purpose, God will do.  He will move heaven and earth to help you accomplish the purpose for which you were created.  These are the things the scriptures say about you.

J.P. Jackson – The Mystery of Choice

In another recording he speaks of faith and fear being related; in so much as they are BOTH waiting for something to happen; one positive and one negative!  When you couple that with Yeshua’s admonitions not to worry you have a whole new kind of goodie!  Adding ‘…don’t lean on your own understanding…’ is like adding the topping of your choice to your favorite dessert!  UC faith is waiting for something good to happen, and fear is waiting for something bad to happen!   They really are related very closely!  If you’d like to walk into the FREE 5 star buffet add ‘…let every man be called a liar…’, ‘ …He is not a man to lie..’, and ‘…My people perish for a LACK of knowledge…’!  Every one of those is a FILTER designed to separate the dross of life from the truth of His ways for us!  The Ruach activates them in the proper season and time for each of us!  When prayer is FILTERED of our human understandings it is POWERFUL for it is the repeating of His words over our worlds!

So are you asking how yet?  I certainly hope so!  Take a look at the following verse while keeping in mind the earlier glean process I showed you.

{I HOPE you clicked and studied the entire picture! *HINT – HINT * }


Here’s your chance to use your OCD instead of being controlled by it!  Energetic prayer just might include you OBSESSIVELY refusing to believe anything you know; and STUBBORNLY believing Him; or what He says!  It may even include the curiosity of a CHILD as He leads you to explore new dimensions!  UC is brings Him glory to use OUR OCD {faults/foolishness} for His purpose!  No human can do that!  Only He alone can; with just a passing thought He can; and He will for His name’s sake!  The Torah speaks of this as you know.  Here is an area where everything meant to destroy you can be turned with your stubborn refusal to back down and believe the enemy’s lies!  Your VOCAL admonition to you own spirit and all that are in the area will change and charge the atmosphere around you!  It’s the Law of Attraction YHVH style {KOSHER}; it’s quite the mystery if you ask me! 😉

It would do me great honor if you would present this before our Master and ask Him about what this silly little girl says to do!   Try Him and see if He does not pour out a blessing even in this area!  Take the time to prepare yourself to enter the Holiest Place; you MUST enter on your knees; like a child entering a play fort in their mystery kingdom!  He is great, but also Enough so do your very best!  Write down the verses that talk about who you are to Him and memorize them! Take the best mikvah you can.  Practice like in my post, but be ASSURED that He is gracious and kind and MORE than Enough to fill in the gaps of what you and I cannot do!  Take the time to put on the armor He’s provided for you!  The SPEAK His words into the environment that surrounds you at THIS time and in THIS moment!  We learned that sound produces waves in elementary science; REMEMBER?  This is simply 3-4 steps higher, and yet so simple a young child can grasp it!  There is a reason He gave us a shield, to block darts that set the cycles of our lives on fire!  There is a reason He gave us weapons in His WORD; to SHOOT and THRUST His promises, vowed by HIS NAME BY HIM into the enemy’s strongholds!!!

Many victories to you and yours in this season of preparing for His coming!  NOW IS THE SEASON!  He is pouring out His spirit on His sons and daughters!  You need only receive it with trust and a bit of excitement!  After all the New Testament speaks of the one who asked for his lack of faith to be forgiven!  He received that didn’t he?  You will too if you follow after the pattern set in the T’nak!  I can reach out and touch my witnesses as they are my husband of 23 years and my 23-year-old daughter!  He WILL give you EVIDENCE to substantiate your faith!

HE TARRIES NO LONGER!  The books are full and preparations for His arrival are under way!  In this short amount of time we have left it behooves us to cry out now for our lamps to be filled and lit!  Waiting until the last moment here could be dangerous on levels we cannot conceive yet!  We WILL cry out!  The only question is how long will you wait and will it be too late when we cry to Him?